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The Value of Being an Australian Veteran Owned Business 

RED Risk Management takes pride in being a registered Australian Veteran Owned Business (AVOB) and actively advocates for the significant contributions made by veterans to the country. 

Networking and employment opportunities for veterans are often limited post-military service. Australian Veteran Owned Businesses play an important role in bridging this gap and providing veterans with opportunities.  

By leveraging in-demand skills cultivated from military life, such as adaptability, discipline, leadership, logistics, and communication, veterans prove to be indispensable assets for any business. 

When you support businesses like ours, you contribute to creating new avenues for veterans to utilise their expertise and experience. Ultimately, this opens doors for fellow veterans to secure meaningful employment opportunities. 

To gain a deeper understanding of the impact of AVOBs, we encourage you to explore their website. It promotes other registered veteran-owned business though their comprehensive directory.