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Our risk management experts provide services to identify risks in a range of contexts to help you protect stakeholders and assets. Our products can be applied in various industries to eliminate risk in effective and new ways.

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Red Risk Management™ provides risk mitigation and management solutions, harnessing a range of experience and capabilities.

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Our Risk Identification Services

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Counter Terrorism Risk Assessment

Terrorists have plotted attacks in Australia in the past and it is expected that more will occur. This service focuses on assessing the risk of terrorism in crowded places, such as stadiums, shopping centres, pedestrian malls and major events. This service is used to achieve cost and resource reduction, to maintain a credible company reputation and to ensure the recovery efforts after any security incident occurs.

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Workplace Health and Safety

Companies in high-risk industries are required to invest proportionally more in occupational health and safety services than the white-collar industry. WHS assessments provide these companies with assurance that their site’s occupants are protected from harm. Any proposed WHS mitigation solutions ensure that not only is the physical safety of the site and its occupants assured, but also its financial security which saves the company both time and money.

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Security Risk Assessment

Security risk assessments are needed to maintain the safety of a workplace’s employees, stakeholders and customers. Security assessments focus on both the security of the site being assessed and its occupants. Any proposed risk-mitigation solutions ensures that not only is the physical safety of the site and its occupants assured, but also the financial security of knowing that the site is unlikely to be affected by potential security risks. This saves the company both time and money overall.

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Our Risk Management Products

Red List™ is a due diligence and risk management search and reporting platform. It allows users to input detailed information into a multi-market, shared database and conduct background checks by performing an instant search of the Red List™.